Tournament Reservations

Tournament Reservations

Reservations are made a Year in Advance

The customer with a room reservation for a tournament has the following year's first right of refusal.  If you must cancel your reservation, you will be moved back to the bottom of the list.  If you make a reservation for a future tournament date online, you will need to double check that the room has not already been reserved.  Tournaments do not get blocked from our reservation calendar until the tournament date is released.  

Tournament Reservation Deposit

For reservations made in advance on *tournament weekends, you must confirm your reservation 4 weeks prior to your check in time with a valid credit card.  A 50% non refundable deposit will be required, due 2 weeks before your check in day to keep your reservation.  This deposit will only be refunded if the tournament is canceled.  Paying in full prior to arrival will speed up your check in time.  

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Our normal 48 hour cancellation policy will apply to the remaining 50% due on your reservation.  If we can rent the room out again to cover your reservation, you will not be charged.  Otherwise you will still be responsible for the room.  

Reserving the Room Again

Please fill out a form before leaving to let us know you would like the room again for the next year's tournament.  Be sure to provide a good contact phone number, and to double check with us regarding your reservation if you do not get contacted with a courtesy call about your reservation.  

Waiting List

We do keep a waiting list for those that want to be notified if a room opens up.  We do get cancellations throughout the year and we go to our waiting list first before opening a room.  

*Current tournaments include: Mega Bass, Legends in May, Skeeter Owners in June, Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash in September