Park Rules

Camping & RV Site Rules and Regulations


The use of firearms, weapons, pellet guns, or anything of the sort is strictly prohibited in the park. Violation of this rule could mean your immediate removal from the park without refund. 


Campsite: A maximum of 4 persons, 1 camping unit and 1 vehicle is permitted on 1 registered campsite. Tents must fit on your designated camp area. You must be the age of 21 or older to rent a campsite in our park. Check-in for all campsites and rental units are between 1pm and 7pm. All persons and camping units must vacate both the site by noon. The camp site must be free of garbage and other items upon check out. Camping is a great outdoor experience; therefore, we do not give refunds due to the discomforts of nature, illness or work schedule. This includes no shows or unused nights. 


RV site: One RV maximum per site regardless of hook up. No tent camping allowed in the RV area. All other campsite rules apply. 


Carpets/Clotheslines: We ask that you help us protect our trees and grass. Do not tie clotheslines to our trees or put carpet down on our grass. For safety, clotheslines should be taken down when not in use. 


Pets: All pets must be registered at check-in and may not be left alone or unleashed at campsites, or in the park. Please make sure your leashes and pet restraints confine them to your site. Owners must clean up after their pets. Pets are not permitted in the swimming pool area. Please check with the front desk that your breed is allowed in our park. Due to insurance purposes, we have the right to not allow certain pets on the property.   


Trash: All campsites are to be picked up of all trash. Please use the big trash bins located behind the camping area to get dispose of all garbage. 


Fish Cleaning: Cleaning fish at campsites is strictly prohibited. There is a fish cleaning station located on the docks. Please throw fish remains in the water. DO NOT put fish remains in the dumpsters or garbage cans.


Boats: When you check in you will get 1 ramp pass for the duration of your stay. Please do not run electric cords across our roads. Park your boat in front of the electric outlets at your campsite for easy charging.   


Store Hours:  Store hours are seasonal so check hours daily. Please be sure to stop in and see what all we have to offer. In addition to convenience items, we also carry souvenirs, gifts, grocery items, RV supplies, camping items, and much more! 


Road Safety:  For the safety of our children, our campers and their visitors, the speed limit is 5 mph. Bicycles used in the park after dark should be equipped with reflectors and headlights. Children riding bicycles should be instructed of proper road safety chasing, racing, etc is dangerous. Lake Fork Resort will not be held responsible for bicycles, riders or accidents caused by negligence, improper operation or any other causes. No ATVs or other 4 wheelers allowed other than golf carts. All golf carts must be operated by a licensed driver. 


Pool: Open between Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, swimming is at your own risk; there is no lifeguard. A responsible adult should accompany children in the family pool areas. Proper swimming attire, swimsuits/trunks must be work in the pools; street clothes will not be permitted. Pool hours are 10am to 10pm. Every pool users or observer in all pool areas must wear a wristband put on by store personnel each day. Management reserves the right to vacate or close any/all pool areas for any reason. PLEASE NO GLASS BOTTLES OR 



  Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. Please confine all sound to your site. By 10pm children must be with their guardian(s) or at their site. Neglect to this rule may result in immediate termination of this agreement. 


Lake Fork Resort reserves the right to refuse the rental of a campsite or entrance into the park, the right to tell anyone to leave as a result of a violation of these rules or anything else deemed appropriate by management for his/her removal from the park without refund. We are a family RV Park-the rules above have been designed to aid in your camping safety and foster consideration for your camping neighbors. We hope that your stay will be an enjoyable one and that you will want to return often. These rules may be subject to change without written notice. Thank you.